30 Nov 2012

Play about Beryl Burton BBC Radio 4

Never heard of Beryl Burton?
Well I didn't know much either. Anyway she was a renowned  British cycle racer  (road &track) of the period spanning the 1950s and 1980s.
This play written by & starring Maxine Peake gives a flavour of her life & success & her urge to win - without the modern advantages of training regimes, professional coaching & sponsorship - instead achieving her fitness from farm work & just riding her bike.

The play was aired on Tuesday last, 27th November 2012 so you will need to listen via BBC iPlayer  - available up to 4th Dec.

Info Page is [HERE]

There is a well filled Wikipedia article about her too. 

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rona471 said...

I enjoyed the programme, coming as it did shortly after I had watched the recently released DVD 'Racing is Life - the Beryl Burton Story'. The DVD is released by Bromley Video, no BVE 0382. www.bromleyvideo.com