21 Apr 2011

AA Streetwatch survey - to record bad driving behaviour - CLOSES 9th MAY

The AA are asking everyone to do a survey to record bad driver behaviour. You need to observe a minimum of 100 cars while standing  inconspicuously at a junction (taking about an hour). They are looking at mobile phone use, seatbelt use, speed being 'too fast for conditions' - so I assume anything above 20mph in a residential area should be given a black mark :-), no indicator, defective brake lights, and jumping traffic lights.

Survey needs to be done between 16th April - 9th May. Note you can only submit your results via their website.

      Details    [CLICK HERE]
                                          Form to print   [CLICK HERE]

I guess the more people that commit to doing this, the more evidence will be generated regarding bad driver behaviour.

Notified By (& thanks to) Alasdair Massie   CTC RTR North Herts

As Alastair says, be inconspicuous. If you wear a bright yellow cycling top, remove it before you start your obs, motorists change their behaviour when they see one lurking; I wonder why.

You can go to as many obs sites as you like & submit umpteen forms.
Be careful to judge the behaviour fairly & in accord with Highway Code - for example transgressions at traffic lights only occur if the vehicle crosses the stop line (or enters the ASL box) after the red light is showing.
Make sure the car is not left hand drive when you see the 'driver' on the phone.
I guess that driving over the centre dot of a mini roundabout means 'too fast for conditions'.
Some drivers have exemption from seat belts - never mind count them too.

It would be interesting to see some feedback on your experiences - so please add a comment to this post.

Results of a previous 'Streetwatch' survey are to be found [HERE], I expect that the survey related to this post will appear at the same URL.


bad driving said...

Here's an app that lets you vent your road rage and rate bad driver online.

Anonymous said...

The 'app' doesn't seem to offer very much, but if that's all it needs to let you vent your anger, then no harm done.
Even better, to be a good driver yourself, don't have anger, learn tolerance.

Apex NC Real Estate said...
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