23 Nov 2010

Cycling DIY

 - (small schemes with big value)

Though this post is incomplete, it is available for members & others to submit ideas relating to STACC Winter Public Meeting on 8th December 2010. It will only make sense to those who have received emails on the subject.
The Post  will be completed well before the meeting takes place, but you can submit ideas straight away.

Submit your ideas as Comments - just click on the "Post a Comment" link & type away.
Please use your first name plus either your STACC membership number or your postcode to identify yourself on your comment. Do not put your email address (as this can get collected & used by spammers).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Old London Road. How about a dropped kerb at the East end of Old London Road so it can join up with the London Road/Alban Way cycle path?