16 Feb 2010

CTC Ride from St Albans - Sunday 14 March

The Central London CTC start their Sunday rides from railway stations, and on 14 March the ride starts from St Albans City and is led by local CTC and STACC member Rona Wightman. The train bringing the Londoners is due in at 0955. The ride is 'easy' pace ie about 25 miles, with a cafe or pub lunch and planning to finish off with an afternoon cuppa at the St Albans South Signal Box. The ride is suitable for families, with the proviso that parents supervise their children and are responsible for making sure that the ride is within the capability of their offspring (or be able to bail out with them if it turns out not to be).
Local cyclists are welcome to join us on this ride, you do not have to be a CTC member to come on the ride. It is possible that some riders from SPOKES (Watford area campaign) will join us. Please check the Central London CTC website in case enginering works affect the schedule: http://www.centrallondonctc.org.uk/

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