12 Aug 2009

Make your own maps

opencyclemapsnorbens, originally uploaded by mike1727.

Cyclemaps are eternally out of date, copyrighted or just in the wrong format. Lots of effort is made by a whole host of people to map and edit their own versions, so wouldn't it be a good idea to at least capture the data in non-copyrighted format where people can re-use it as well as displaying the most up to date map produced by people like you and me...

That's where the Open Cyclemap project comes in. Part of the Openstreetmap project, the Open Cyclemap is a user-edited map of cycle routes.

All you need to do is join in using a gps (including any mobile phone with a GPS!) to map official cycle routes, then add them to the map. You can also add bike racks, crossings, bike shops- in fact pretty much anything to the Open Street Map- bike related stuff is them picked up and added to the Open Cycle map.

Have a look here for more info. If you decide to join in please add a comment to this post, it would be good to get a few other users together to make this easier!

Commitee members- do we have any maps of bike racks/routes which we can add quickly and easily?

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