15 May 2009

Use your iphone or googlephone to report potholes

Fixmystreet has produced an application for iphones and Android phones to report potholes using your smartphone- just take a photograph, fill in some details and hit send- the app reports the pothole to FixMyStreet's website where it's mapped and forwarded on to the local highways aurthority according to your location. Easy as that..

I'll find a few potholes, report them and blog the results.

In other news, reporting potholes at the junction of House Lane and the High Street in Sandridge got a temporary repair done within 5 days- not a brilliant job but enough to make the junction safer until the road is resurfaced.

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Mike1727 said...

The app works fine- you take a photo and send it from the camera with a few details, then fill in the rest by clicking the link in an email which is sent to you.

Ideally it needs the ability to send more than one photo, but the GPS location is excellent, much easier than navigating using a map.

Turnaround is ok too, I got an email from HCC just now having sent in the report on my way home lasy night.

Ominously the email says 'The fault will be resolved shortly.' rather than giving a time to fix. My last report had a 'will be fixed in less than 5 days' note so I wonder if there's some road-based triage going on?