14 Nov 2008

Cycle Lane Widths & Cyclist's Position on Road (Cycle infrastructure design)

Comments from Google Group cam.transport
on Local transport note 2/08 - Cycle infrastructure design

Comments can be found [HERE]

"7.4.3 Cyclists can overtake each other within a 2-metre wide lane and
easily remain within it when looking back to check for traffic,"

Can we overtake each other within 2 metre width? I think not.
Two sets of handlebars at 600mm + four elbows at 150 is more than 2m; would require a great deal of cooperation.

"...or when
avoiding kerbside drainage grates, etc. "

The authors are assuming that drainage grates are the only hazard - Hertfordshire has potholes as well.

"...Drivers do not always realise that
cyclists need to move away from the kerb to avoid surface hazards "

But they are supposed to know this as they have all read their Highway Code!!

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