13 Aug 2008

Shopping Discounts for STACC Members

STACC members can use their membership cards to obtain discounts from some local traders.

Here is the present list; it will be updated from time-to-time (it will remain on this post):-

Cotswold Outdoor, Victoria Street, St Albans: Outdoor Clothing etc 10%
(CTC members get 15% discount, for details see [HERE])

BRC Vehicle Rentals - Brick Knoll Park, Ashley Road, St Albans: Freephone 0500 600 742:
Vehicle Hire (cars, vans, or people carriers) 10%
(Offer is by the proprietor, a keen STACC member).

Addiktion Cycles – Victoria Street, St Albans. – typically 5%
(May also offer a discount to CTC members - which might be better than STACC’s - just ask.)

Of course it can be worth producing your card in any likely looking shop and asking if there is a discount. Let us know of any successes.

In spite of discounts, it can still be worth shopping around.

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