8 Feb 2008

Sustrans employment opportunities in Watford

From Sam Clarke
Senior Project Officer (Fieldwork Operations), TravelSmart

I wondered if someone could help me. I work for Sustrans in the
TravelSmart team.

With funding from the Big Lottery Fund's Well-being Programme and
Hertfordshire County Council, a TravelSmart Individualised Travel
Marketing (ITM) programme will take place in Watford during 2008-2009.
A total of 25,000 households across Watford will be offered a range of
personalised travel information and support enabling them to walk, cycle
and use public transport more often. The scheme will be delivered by
Sustrans and partners Socialdata with the support of Hertfordshire
County Council, Watford Borough Council and other partners.

The first stage of the project will be starting in spring 2008 covering
Holywell, Vicarage and Oxhey.

We are looking to recruit a local team of part time staff to carry out
the field work. I would be very grateful details of these roles
(attached) could be passed onto anyone within St. Albans Cycle Campaign
who may be interested.

If you would like me to send you some colour copies to put up on any
notice boards of the advert then please let me know.

Kind regards,

Sam Clarke
Senior Project Officer (Fieldwork Operations), TravelSmart

Tel 0117 915 0335

For full Job Spec Phone 0117 926 8893 or e-mail: jobs@sustrans.org.uk, quoting Ref: NCN5051

Closing date for applications is Friday 29th February 2008

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Further information on positions available can be found at:


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