20 Jul 2007

St Albans to London bike route

Our blog statistics show that poeple sometimes come here looking for a bike route into central London.

Here's one which follows the A5 down towards Hyde Park. It's an arterial route and may not be the best introduction to riding in London if you use it during the rush hour- so it's probably worth checking out on a quiet Sunday morning first. 20 miles isn't an impossible commute and it's a lot cheaper than train fares!


Orbiter said...

For other routes into London, I recommend using the TFL journey planner at http://www.tfl.gov.uk/ .
This extends to St Albans and has a cycle-only option, which knows about traffic-free cycle paths.


STACC memsec Tom said...

Hum - I couldn't recommend the A5 route for commuting. Instead use TfL maps to plan a more friendly route - & it depends which bit of London you are heading for.
A 20 mile commute should not be treated lightly, it's not just the money, one must consider the time it takes (expect 2 hours for urban) then that's at both ends of the day - 4 hours to add to your 8 hour day....
For St Albans to Apex Corner (A41/A1 junc)- where the TfL map No1 starts - I'd suggest the following.
Go London Colney, Shenley, Well End then join cycle path alongside A1 (quite fast, few interruptions).
Remember that on a longish commute you might be covering this section outside local rush hour at both ends of the day.
Orbiter - I couldn't get the TfL planner to do a cycle route from St Albans, but of course public transport journey planning from SA is supported.

crazy_cyclist said...

the A5 is a suicidal route into London, heavy traffic even outside of the rush hour and lots of side roads to have cars pull out on you.
no thought gone into this suggestion.