18 Jul 2007

Is this the best Herts Highways can do?

Sherwood avenue, Marshalwick; opposite the shops.

The road is potholed over approx 150 metre section from (newly reurfaced) Marshalswick lane towards the speed tables at the junction with Skys Wood Road. A couple of months ago the potholes were marked with yellow lines, presumably to define the area for a 'proper' repair rather than more patching.

A couple of weeks ago this patch appeared on one of the larger potholes- but not quite fixing the problem since there's still a section unreparied, right on the riding line.

What happened? Did someone turn up and go home before the job was finished? Didn't they bring enough tarmac? Why didn't any of the other potholes get patched?

What a wate of money- our council tax has paid for a bodged job, and we'll have to pay again for a second visit to sort it out. Why wasn't the job done properly first time?

Fault resubmitted to Herts Highways, reference 1315144.


Mike1727 said...

I phoned HH to find out what was going on. They had no idea- 'could have been someone with a bit of spare tarmac or even a local householder', they said, and promised to get back to me with details of when the fault will be fixed. We'll see if they're ever in touch, personally I doubt it.

Fault status as of today:

Fault 1315144 was submitted on 18 Jul 2007 at 12:34:27
Left hand side (heading away from Marshalswick lane) approx 3 feet from kerb.

This fault is still outstanding but has been assigned for action

Mike1727 said...

Now fixed.