4 Jun 2007

STACC at HSBC Open Day - Bricket Wood

For the second year we had a Recruitment & Information stall at HSBC's Training Centre Open Day - which celebrates World Environment Day (5 June 2007) with a sustainability theme.
Weather was brilliant, the event attracted a good crowd (mainly Bricket Wood families) and the amount of interest shown in cycling was extremely good - with all but a few maps and Bike-Week information sheets being snapped up, as well as my campaigning chatter being well received.
Many membership application forms were pressed into willing hands. Though we can't expect most of them to result in new members, it was most heartening right at the end of the day to have a gentleman I had spoken to earlier rush back and join up on the spot! So a most positive conclusion.

The event was smaller than last year, without the stalls of companies producing sustainability products (which I had found interesting). There was a more local theme - stallholders included Earthworks, St Albans Friends of the Earth, Butterfly Trust - manned by STACC member Malcolm on the next stall to STACC. (I learnt from eavesdropping that Malcolm is a veritable expert on butterflies.)
Another STACC member - Mike - stopped by for a word.

It was a relief not to have to carry so much weight back to St Albans afterwards - the display takes up one pannier position, the other pannier & a rucksack - stuffed to bursting with maps & info when going to the show - were nearly empty on return.

Remember that the cycle-portable display & info is always available for use, if you see a local event where it might do some 'trade' please let us know. (Just add a comment to this Post or phone or email). Next outing is on St Albans Farmers' Market next Sunday 10th June - please try to stop by.

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