7 Jun 2007

National Liftshare Day 14th June

If you can't get to work by bike, a lift share might be the next best thing.
Give it a try on 14th June - then continue afterwards.

For a number of years I saved a fortune with a daily commute St Albans - Milton Keynes, sharing with up to 3 others. I don't know if it saved any carbon, as it had not been invented at that time.

One problem is how you to share the costs if all the party are not present on some days. We worked on the Give-a-lift to Earn-a-lift basis. As I went in every day and some of the others often had business trips elsewhere, it meant I did more drives than I should, often driving alone & 'earning' no lifts for that day. I would have preferred a system which earns 'half-a-lift' for the driver from any absentee. Some schemes work on a system where if you aint on board, you owe a lift just the same.
Be sure to work out in advance how the lifts are accounted for your group.

More info HERE at liftshare.org - but it seems to complicate the issue with promotional hype, rather than simple practical encouragement.
'Just do it' is what I say.

You'll be pleased to know that over the years I commuted by bike four or five times - 2h 15m straight up the A5 - early starts & late return meant it was quieter than you might imagine. That pub at the 'Cut' just north of Dunstable offered some temptation on a summer's evening!

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