15 Jun 2007

It's nearly bike week

Bike week, originally uploaded by mike1727.

A reminder of what's happening in St Albans

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STACC memsec Tom said...

Sadly, several of the posters suspended in the cycle stands gave up the struggle against wind and rain.
I'm pretty sure that they hadn't been removed by the council.
Distribution this year was:
Chequers St 1, St Peter's St 5, Quadrant 1, Alban Way 2 (under bridges). Bike shop windows 3.
MEMO for next year: No need to laminate: Paste on to a board before suspending in racks.
Also (encouraged by the lack of complaint) put up more of them in other cycle stand locations.
No complaint about the Alban Way ones either - so all 6 bridges next year - however one at Smallford had been torn down.
Wall-paper paste will withstand the weather long enough & lamination will not be required.
We failed to get posters on public notice boards - next year must do.